Moving goods to market and transporting people in and around urban areas are integral to a vibrant global economy. Diesel fuel is an important part of that process and making diesel fuel perform as efficiently as possible, improving air quality and increasing the use of renewable fuels, are critical goals for industry, governments and the global environment.

O2Dieselâ„¢ provides an immediate, easily implemented contribution to meeting these challenges

In the face of stricter urban air quality regulations, diesel engines and their emission control technologies have improved substantially over the past decade. Diesel fuel itself now faces similar challenges if it is to meet global clean air objectives. Diesel fuel will become a very different product over the next few years when compared to today’s standard fuel.

Increasing pressure and mandates from governments in multiple markets to build a sustainable energy policy through the use of renewable fuels is presenting numerous challenges to industry. Since most economies rely on diesel as their main commercial transportation fuel, using renewable fuels with diesel is key to meeting these global objectives.

O2Dieselâ„¢ is positioned to help meet these objectives by;

  • Helping fleets around the world meet their air quality obligations without performance limitations or operator inconvenience.
  • Offering a premium quality fuel that utilizes O2Diesel, Corp.’s renewable, proprietary fuel technology to incorporate renewable ethanol into diesel fuel to produce a cost-effective, cleaner burning fuel for all centrally-fueled diesel powered fleets.
  • Reducing hazardous diesel emissions, cutting visible smoke, and improving engine performance in new or old, on- or off-highway diesel engine-powered equipment of all sizes, conditions, and uses.