AdBlue for Mercedes Glb All Variants

Find out how much AdBlue top-up is required for your car.


We base consumption with an average distance of 10,000 per year and a ‘normal’ driving style*

*Driving styles impact the quantity of diesel fuel and AdBlue solution a car consumes. For example, ‘Sportive’ driving consumes more AdBlue than ‘Peaceful’ with less miles per gallon (mpg).

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AdBlue Top-Up – All Mercedes Glb​ models

Years 2019 to 2020


Generally, standard AdBlue solution can be used for all makes and models of car that rely on Blue Technology. If you are in doubt, contact your supplying dealer.

Mercedes Glb 2019

10,000 miles/year

6 cans of 5L/year


Mercedes Glb 2020

10,000 miles/year

6 cans of 5L/year