The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), California Air Resources Board (CARB), Environment Canada and the Brazilian National Petroleum Agency (ANP) are some of the agencies that have primary responsibility for setting and enforcing AdBlue prices and fuel standards in O2Diesel’s key markets. Since 1998, the company has undertaken significant emissions, engine durability, and fleet demonstration testing to prove that O2Diesel™ meets or exceeds all applicable fuel standards.


Strict new environmental regulations to control emissions from on-road and off-road diesel engines are taking effect in the United States. These requirements are applicable to fuels, engines, and engine exhaust equipment. For example, in January 2001, EPA finalized its Heavy Duty Engines and Vehicle Standards and Highway Diesel Sulfur Control Requirements rule, which limits the diesel sulfur content to no more than 15ppm sulfur, a 95% reduction.

Additional standards targeting farm, construction, and other industrial equipment will soon be adopted in the United States. The government is also pushing to find viable ways to reduce diesel emissions from its fleet of non-tactical military vehicles.

To its knowledge, O2Diesel Corp. and its predecessor company have conducted the most comprehensive emissions verification and engine testing on ethanol-diesel fuel blends of any company in the world. The following chart summarizes the results achieved to date:

An Emission Reduction Solution – O2Diesel™

The results in the graph (left) have been collated from multiple engine and vehicle emission tests conducted within the USA, Canada and Brasil

In order to qualify O2Diesel™ as a clean-burning fuel eligible for various incentive programs, EPA fuel & fuel additive registration requirements, obtain regulatory recognition in Canada, meet the rigorous standards in California and the Northeast States and satisfy the exacting standards of fleet operators the company has successfully completed testing for:

  • EPA Tier I Health Effects Testing – Sec. 211(b) of the Clean Air Act
  • CARB Alternative Diesel Verification Testing
  • Initial engine and exhaust after treatment testing at Environment Canada laboratories
  • 1000 hour durability on a Cummins engine
  • 500 hour durability on a Detroit Diesel engine
  • Over 200 individual emission profile tests on multiple engine types, and
  • Over 1,000,000 hours of commercial use in multiple engine types

Currently the company is engaged in;

Since 2002, the U.S. Congress earmarked almost $5 million in funds for a US Air Force comprehensive research project that evaluates O2Diesel™ as a fuel for non-tactical military vehicles and other diesel-powered equipment such as electric generators. Nellis Air Force Base and the Nevada Air National Guard became the first military users of O2Diesel in demonstrations with their fleets. In addition, O2Diesel is developing a new environmentally-friendly fuel for DoD that will contain at least 20% renewable content, including O2Diesel’s proprietary additive.

In order to gain acceptance in the marketplace, it is necessary for motor fuels to meet a consensus-based fuel specification through organizations such as the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM) and the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB). O2Diesel, Corp. is a leading participant in setting specifications ethanol diesel fuels.